PLAYwriting was presented in October 2016 in Antwerp (B), Mainz (D) and Frankfurt (D). The texts are published in Dutch and German by De Nieuwe Toneelbibliotheek (NL).



Under the watchful eye of Dutch author and theatre maker Heleen Verburg, writers Rebekka de Wit, Mustafa Kör, Tom Struyf, Maud Vanhauwaert and Renée van Marissing spent the past year working on a new script for youth theatre. Their five new texts will be presented in the Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany in lectures, interviews and a short documentary film by Fien Leysen.

PLAYwriting is an initiative by Barbara Wyckmans (director of HETPALEIS) and Bart Moeyaert (Guest of Honour at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair), in collaboration with Het Zuidelijk Toneel, Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond and Staatstheater Mainz. PLAYwriting aims to introduce young writers to writing plays for children and young adults through practical experience, to better stimulate the creation of a new youth repertoire.