Heimat premiered on August 6, 2013, at TAZ Festival (Oostende, B), and was performed almost fifty times between 2013 and 2015, in Belgium and the Netherlands.




'Heimat touches and stays with you. Like a grandma says: ‘Open your arms when you come upon love and then close them.’
Let this performance embrace you and cherish it long after.'

Tuur Devens, theaterkrant.nl

'Heimat is touching and distinct theater playing with our emotions but it is especially well made and clever theater.'

Eline Van de Voorde, cobra.be

Freek Vielen, Rebekka de Wit, Tom Struyf, Suzanne Grotenhuis and Harald Austbø lived in an old people’s home for a week in the region West-Flanders. They were curious to find out what’s left of a life that’s nearly over. And looking for the perceptions of people with the most experience in what we all want to do so well: living.

Armed with a camera they decided to dig deeper. Deeper and deeper. Closer to home. Each one of them asked their parents and grandparents round the once so familiar kitchen table: what’s life about? And how should it be lived?

In Heimat they answer the answers they were given and encounter new questions. About yesterday, today and tomorrow. About our grandparents, ourselves and our children.

Heimat was praised by the jury of the Theatre Festival 2014 in Flanders and selected for Circuit X, a project that aims to encourage promising young dramatists.