Another great year for fishing premiered on October 23, 2014, in kc Monty (Antwerp, B), and played for over forty times between 2014 and 2016, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and South-Africa.

Another great year for fishing



'Sounds, words, images, bodies, all of it grabs you by the throat' ****

Tuur Devens,

'Honest, generous and immensely refreshing'

Rebecca Johnson, Theatertreffen-Blog

'An infinitely beautiful, truthful, patient and wise performance'

Milo Rau, Jury Stückemarkt Theatertreffen

How do you live in the now? In a world with never-ending click-options trying to continually distract you?
How do you stay true to yourself when everything around you is screaming it can be better, faster, nicer?

Actor Tom Struyf and dancer Nelle Hens are looking for the emergency exit. With the help of a wide range of spin-doctors, psychiatrists, journalists and philosophers they try to unravel what happens in the backrooms of the rat race. Who’s running the show?

Another great year for fishing is the adorned story of a life where fiction and reality become more and more intertwined. A play about the question how to lead a normal life in an ever-changing society that constantly requires a great deal of adaptability.

After The Tatiana Aarons Experience and Act to forget, Tom Struyf takes a new step in his search for the human mind’s complex relationship to truth and falsehood. For the first time, he is working together with dancer Nelle Hens (Troubleyn/Jan Fabre, Jan Martens).

Another great year for fishing was selected for Stückemarkt of Theatertreffen 2015 in Berlin, focusing on young European dramatists who have developed a new theatrical language.

Nelle Hens (°1985) graduated as a dancer from HID/Artesis Dance Institute (2008) and SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2011). She has worked with Trisha Brown (Documenta XII), Kendell Geers, Florence Augendre, John Bohannon (TEDx Brussels 2011), Lilach Livne, Davis Freeman and Jan Fabre. She also creates her own performances. A few examples are: Would you buy us?! (2009), Recall (2010) and Outside Forces (2011). This season she will be participating in The dog days are over from Jan Martens.