Remember the dragons... premiered on December 26, 2017 in the Kopergietery (Ghent, B), and was performed between 2017 and 2020 in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and Italy.

Remember the dragons... (10+)



‘Lies, fantasy, stories, it was - and will remain for days after - a wonderful balancing act on the line between fiction and truth.’

Tuur Devens,

A girl from Marocco is never hungry, can’t feel pain and barely needs any sleep. A Danish boy has known since he was four that he would rather be a girl. A kid his age, from South-Africa, secretly joins his grandfather at night to create crop circles in nearby fields. Remember the dragons… is a feast of lies, and submerges you in a bath full of stories that seem too absurd to be true.

Remember the dragons… allows young and old to be captured by stories and look at them from different perspectives, sending you home with a special set of shared memories - and a beautiful and shiny moonstone.

Remember the dragons… is a multimedia theater performance, for ages 10 and up. The young adult gets a seat at a large oval table, with thirty television screens, and the accompanying adult or parent is brought to an interactive waiting room, with a live connection to the table.

Careful: In Remember the dragons… fifteen different languages can be heard. All stories are subtitled.