2019 - 2020
Animal (working title) will premiere
in January 2020, in Antwerp and Rotterdam,
and will start touring after that.
Tour dates will be announced soon.

Animal (working title)


An elephant mother mourns the death of her baby calf and spends hours by its side.
An ant tends to a wounded comrade in the heat of battle.
A monkey in the zoo goes on a hunger strike because his neighbor is getting better food than he is.
A cat and a sparrow are inseparable friends.

Animal (working title) is inspired by YouTube-videos of animals who make mistakes, and by the work of the Dutch biologist Frans de Waal, who has tried to explain human behavior by analyzing animal behavior - and the other way around. Animals with a sense of justice, a never before seen lust for life, and dedication to others: odd social behavior we would attribute exclusively to man, and would never expect of an animal.

Animal will be a deep but also lighthearted (and at times hilarious) theater piece, balancing between performance, concert and documentary, using videos of animals resembling humans, and pieces of interviews with biologists and behavioral scientists who resemble animals.
Two actors, two animals and a musician will play live and interact with what is seen on screen: they will interpret and experiment, act out situations and wonder about the future.

Animal is about the beauty in the mistake, about the primal power of searching for new possibilities, about the relationship between man and animal, and the connection to our own nature.