Tom Struyf



Tom Struyf (°1983) graduated in 2007 from the Theater Academy Maastricht. Since then he worked as an actor, writer and performer for a number of theatre companies in Belgium and the Netherlands. Last years his performances The Tatiana Aarons Experience (2010), Act to forget (2012) and Another great year for fishing (2014) were shown all over Europe. Remember the dragons…, a multimedia theater piece which he co-created with the Antwerp theater company BERLIN, will play again this season.


Willem De Maeseneer

Willem De Maeseneer (°1985) graduated in philosophy in 2007 from the KULeuven. Since then he has worked freelance for television and scenarist. Ever since Act to forget (2012), Willem supports Tom Struyf during the creation of performances as a dramaturgist and theatre maker.



Geert De Vleesschauwer

Geert De Vleesschauwer (°1984) graduated as an audiovisual technician in 2005 from the Narafi, Brussels. Since then he has worked as a cameraman, editor, technician and video-expert for a variety of theatre groups. Since Act to forget (2012), Geert cooperates intensively on the creation of performances by Tom Struyf.